Radiographic Film Interpretation

This is a course suitable for all who require an in-depth knowledge of the radiographic interpretation of welds. The course concentrates on identification of weld defects, assessment of radiographic quality and sentencing to example specifications.

Duration 5 Days

Study Guides, Study Guides and Practical



Candidate must pass the examinations to receive certificates

Examination Papers

General Exam: Objective type closed book written exam address the basic principles of the applicable method.

Specific Exam: Objective type open book written exam address the equipment, operating procedure, NDT technique, Codes and standards.

Practical Exam: The Candidate should demonstrate familiarity with and ability to operate the necessary NDT equipment, record, and analyse the resultant information to the degree required.

Special Notes

This course is specifically designed for candidates wishing to become certificated as Radiographic film interpreter under the ASNT requirements.

Overall Course content

  • Properties and production of X and Gamma rays
  • Latent image formation
  • Radiographic film
  • Development/processing
  • Identification of weld types
  • Identification of weld defects
  • Assessment and measurement of weld quality
  • Radiographic quality
  • Image quality
  • RT techniques
  • Weld technology
  • Radiographic interpretation
  • Specifications

Course Syllabus

  • Film illuminator requirements
  • Background lighting
  • Multiple-composite viewing
  • Penetrameter placement
  • Personnel dark adaptation and vision acuity
  • Film identification
  • Film density measurements
  • Film Artifacts
  • Multiple film technique
  • Thickness-Variation parameters
  • Film speed
  • Film latitude
  • Enlargement and projection
  • Geometrical Unsharpness
  • Penetrameter sensitivity
  • Source to film distance
  • Focal spot size
  • Triangulation method for discontinuity location
  • Localized magnification
  • Film-handling techniques
  • Radiographic appearance of discontinuities
  • Origin and typical orientation of discontinuities
  • Reference radiographs
  • Welding method review
  • Welding discontinuities
  • Acceptable radiographic techniques and set ups
  • Applicable employer procedures
  • Codes, standards & specification
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Procedure for radiograph parameter verification
  • Radiographic inspection reports